How To Do A Yoni Steam At Home

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Guessing you want to use one of our Yoni Steams at home and need directions so let’s get to it…

A Yoni Steam aka Vaginal Steaming is the indigenous practice of allowing the warmth from the herbal steam to penetrate the womb & allow for the release of toxins, toxic emotions, stress, & stagnation. 


I steam once a week on average (minus the time I am on my cycle - you SHOULD NOT steam during your cycle) & have noticed significant changes since I started this new routine.  Since beginning my steaming regimen, my cycle has gotten lighter + shorter, cramps are pretty nonexistent, and I feel lighter emotionally. 


 Along with these benefits, some experience:

  • a decrease in clots

  • decreased PMS symptoms

  • increased fertility

  • a healthier womb

  • less womb issues, problems, infections & complications

  • increased fluid production


Before & during your steam, be sure to pray, meditate, set your intentions, drink tea and do whatever else to help you relax & release what no longer serves you.


To steam: 

1. Boil then simmer 1/2 cup of herbs for approx. 30 mins covered. 

2. Let steep until they are a comfortable temperature -warm enough to release the healing properties but cool enough not to burn! A good way to test the temp is by placing the back of your hand over the herbs for a bit and feeling for heat like you would a baby’s milk :)

3. While your herbs are steeping, you can prepare your steaming area. You can squat/lay over the bowl of herbs, use a steaming stool, or use your toilet.

4. Once your herbs have cooled, tranfer them to a heat safe bowl (see step 5)

5. If squatting: lay a blanket down, place the bowl on the blanket, squat over the bowl then wrap yourself in the blanket

If using a toilet: Use a bowl big enough to sit on the edge of your toilet + line the toilet with a trash bag then place your bowl in it and sit your toilet seat on top. Wrap yourself in a skirt or blanket.

6. Allow the herbs to do their thing for about 30 minutes and be mindful of the temperature. If it’s too hot, get up and wait until it’s cool.  


Again, you can steam once a week or more, it all depends on you & what you want + feel. Listen to your body & be mindful of the people you share space with, the hygiene products you use, & the words you use about your womb.


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